Local Governance


The Trust's Academy Councils advise the Trust Board, through the Standards Committee, on matters relating to individual academy provision and achievement.

Academy Council (Complex Needs)

Membership is as follows:

Category Name Term of office
Parent governor Vas Fagan 01.01.18-31.12.19
Parent governor Penny Walker 11.02.19-10.02.21
Staff governor Gill Hook 01.01.19-31.12.19
Co-opted governor Chris Aitkin 01.09.18-31.08.20
Challenge governor

David Penny (David is an Executive Principal within the Trust)

There are currently vacancies for two co-opted governors.
  • The Principals of Abbey Hill Academy and Abbey Hill Academy Sixth Form attend meetings in an advisory capacity
  • The Chair of the Academy Council is Chris Aitkin.

Academy Council (SEMH)

Membership is as follows:

Category Name Term of office
Director representative Colin Whittaker 28.03.18-27.03.20
Director representative Helen Dyson 26.09.19-25.09.21
Parent governor Sandy Delahaye 28.03.18-27.03.20  
Parent governor Karl Murtagh 11.02.19-10.02.21
Staff governor Bryony Scoffin 28.03.19-27.03.20
Co-opted governor Verona Challinor 28.03.19-27.03.20
Co-opted governor Mary Denham 01.09.19-31.08.21
Challenge governor

Rebecca Whelan (Rebecca is Principal of Abbey Hill Academy


There is currently a vacancy for one co-opted governor

  • The Executive Principal and Principals of Green Gates, Hollis and Westlands Academies attend meetings in an advisory capacity
  • The Chair of the Academy Council is Colin Whittaker

Academy Council Terms of Reference  

As detailed in the Board of Directors' Terms of Reference, the remit of the Academy Councils is as follows:

  1. An obligation to ensure high standards in all academies.
  2. Contribute to ensuring systems are in place to ensure quality, safety and good practice.
  3. Contribute to ensuring high standards of probity in the management of public funds, in particular securing value for money.
  4. To evaluate, monitoring and challenge academy standards and outcomes.
  5. To evaluate, monitoring and challenge Academy Improvement Plans.
  6. To evaluate, monitoring and challenge the SEFs, including quality of PEPs as part of the outcomes for learners.
  7. To receive Link Governor updates.
  8. To evaluate, monitor and challenge outcomes at each Academy level – this includes KPIs updates in relation to attendance, exclusion, racial incidents, parent/student questionnaires and progress data.
  9. To monitor and evaluate quality assurance information.
  10. Monitoring viability of extended services and community needs (reporting to Directors accordingly).
  11. To evaluate, monitor and challenge implementation of the curriculum.
  12. To evaluate, monitor and challenge learners’ experience in one or more academies.
  13. To receive the annual report from the School Development Partner for one or more academies.
  14. To ensure academy website compliance.
  15. In conjunction with Directors, contribute to the estate management strategy which will identify the suitability of building and facilities in the light of long term curriculum needs and the needs for, and availability of, capital investment.
  16. Follow policies for all staff, including contracts, terms and conditions as set by Directors.
  17. Contribute to Academy financial priorities.
  18. Monitor and ensure effective use of/impact of specific targeted resources, eg Sports Premium and Pupil Premium.
  19. To provide input at Academy level as to the need for any unplanned expenditure.
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